17 Great On-the-Go Recipes for a Potluck.

Lemon BarsWith Spring and Easter right around the corner, we thought we would bring you some fantastic potluck recipes for the season. We’ve collected a handful of refreshing desserts, like our new recipe for Granny’s Springtime Dessert Bars, and much much more. Share these wonderful recipes with your friends and family and if you are looking for more potluck recipes check out our collection of 17 Great On-the-Go Recipes for a Potluck.

  1. NEW Unbeatable Mississippi Mud Bars
  2. Country Comfort Casserole
  3. Best Layered Broccoli Salad
  4. Party Potato Gravy Bake
  5. Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad
  6. NEW Springtime Cheesy Puff Casserole
  7. Crowd Pleasing Potluck Casserole 
  8. Family Favorite Jello Pretzel Salad   
  9. 4-Ingredient Potluck Cabbage Casserole
  10. NEW Louisiana Ring Cake
  11. Best Cool Whip Pudding Pie
  12. Creamy Country Corn Casserole
  13. NEW No Fuss Layered Cowboy Casserole
  14. Southern Pecan Pie Bars
  15. Old Fashioned Icebox Cake
  16. Hillbilly Cottage Pie 
  17. NEW Layered Potluck Pierogi Bake
  18. Too Easy Chicken Casserole
  19. No Bake White Trash Candy
  20. Grandma’s Classic Egg Salad
  21. NEW Granny’s Springtime Lemon Bars
  22. Luscious Jello Poke Cake 
  23. TOP PICK No Bake Kentucky Dessert Balls 
  24. Company Favorite Crumb Cake
  25. 5 Cup Salad




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